About Us

Magic Valley Riders MC, Inc., is now in its 12th year of existence in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  We are a three Chapter Motorcycle Club with members in three regions of the Valley.  We are comprised of a diverse membership of peoples from all walks of life and all levels of local society.

We have Chapters in Harlingen, encompassing Cameron County, Hidalgo County Chapter, and the Premont Chapter in Jim Wells County.

The Harlingen Chapter is the founding Chapter and is the leading group of the three Chapters.  The Harlingen Chapter is also the leading Chapter of the annual fund raising event called Beach-N-Biker Fest, and is supported by our other two chapters and numerous volunteers from organizations we support.

Our Mission Statement is headed by three words that best describe the heart of the Magic Valley Riders MC, Inc., and those are Integrity - Benevolence - Fellowship.

Integrity tells about the group as a whole and includes Honor and Duty to our community.  Benevolence describes our desire to give to those less fortunate or who may need a little assistance in their lives whether by monetary donation or good deed.  Fellowship describes our oneness as a group banded together towards a common goal and the blessings of friendship and closeness to god.

Membership in the Magic Valley MC, Inc., is not given lightly.  We desire the best members to aid us in our mission and attaining our goals.  Our love of the motorcycling life style and the benevolent nature of our goals are the glue that binds our group together.