Membership in the Magic Valley Riders MC, Inc., is obtainable through sponsorship of an existing member of the Club. 

Magic Valley Riders has always invited ride-alongs in order for possible prospects to get to know the membership.  Once a sponsor is found or established the new prospect will be invited first as a guest and then must serve a three month prospect period. 

During the three month prospect period the prospective member must begin paying dues of $10.00 per month, obtain proof of AMA membership, motorcycle endorsement through the Department of Public Safety and proof of insurance on his/her motorcycle.

The prospect is required to attend all meetings, rides and activities of the Club during the prospect period.  Upon completion of the prospect period and after consideration of the Club in private session and a vote from the majority of the Club, that prospect may become a full member.

Members are required to work during our annual charity fund raiser, Beach-N-Biker Fest, and if that member does their share of the work at hand the Club has special accommodations for those members.

Members are also encouraged to attend all annual meetings and annual runs where all Chapters are in attendance.