As in life, behind every Great Bike Club is a Group of Strong, Beautiful Women determined to make sure that everything comes together the way it should. These are a few of those women...

Dorothy Padilla Hinojosa, Treasurer Harlingen Chapter







When I first met my husband Eliel he owned a Honda 350 4Stroke. The first time I rode with him I was in a dress. Soon after came the proposal, the sale of his motorcycle, marriage and the blessing of two wonderful children.

With my Blessing, twenty years later, he was finally allowed to buy another motorcycle. He bought a used 2001 Police Road King. It was a bike previously owned by a Police Officer. On at least one occasion, Eliel was stopped by the local police and told he had to remove his red and blue light covers from the front!

Riding with him is when I caught the bug for the open road! Tired of being a passenger and having the desire to have total control Eliel gave me motorcycle training classes for my 43rd birthday. Two months later for Mother’s Day came my first motorcycle a used, Green Suzuki Intruder 1200. My second bike was a brand new Suzuki Boulevard Intruder in Pearl Grey. I went in looking for Pearl White but was informed there was no such color. Two days later I saw a commercial introducing the new 2003 40THAnniversary Limited Edition Volusia VL 800 Suzuki in Pearl White! So, off I went to Suzuki and one week later I was riding my third bike in Pearl White! Sure enough, I soon caught the Harley bug. I sold the Suzuki and purchased a 2006 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe in Pearl Black. I currently own a 2011 Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic in jet black.

Magic Valley Riders M/C

I joined Magic Valley Riders as soon as I became a licensed rider in May of 2002. I was the first Female Member of the Club and also had the privilege to serve as the first and only Female President of our Chapter from 2006-2007. I have also served as Secretary and Treasurer. In 2003 I was awarded the Big Brass Balls Award (2 brass toilet bowl floats tied together by a chain), for making my first long distance ride to Austin, Texas to attend The Republic of Texas Rally. I’ve been involved in Beach N Biker Fest since its inception and plan to stay involved as long as I can.

Some Members used to tell my husband I didn’t ride enough but that was quickly silenced when I told them to complain to me directly because my own money had purchased my motorcycles! I explained I ride when I want and when I felt like it! I enjoy riding mostly when I am side by side with my husband. I love riding the curves, ups and downs of the back roads while taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this great land.


My best riding experience was on one of our Clubs’ Annual Labor Day rides. It was my first journey on my Softail Deluxe and, even though I was born and raised in San Antonio and have many memories traveling those roads, it was my first time actually riding a motorcycle in the Texas hill country. On that particular day, our group had been riding and passed two men that were at a stop waiting for us to pass. We waived as we passed and then came upon a mountainous climb! Okay, so it was a big, tall hill! I was in such awe that suddenly I found myself slowing down. Much to my surprise I had run out of gears…seems I forgot to downshift! So there I was in the middle of the hill…I had killed by bike and I was slowly rolling backwards. Down the hill till I went until I finally braked and came to a complete stop.

There were riders in front of me pulling over and riders behind me stopping…this included my husband and my daughter. No one was speaking. I was in shock. I was told later that my husband was at my side and trying to figure out what happened. I have no memory of that. I do remember that from somewhere behind I heard a man’s voice. He said, “Just let your bike roll back till you hit the rock face.” I did and it was then that I looked and noticed it was one of the two men we passed at the stop sign. He then said, “Wait there a minute and when you’re ready shift down to first.” I did, or I thought I did because then he said, “One more.” Then he said, “When you’re ready start it up and take off, don’t look back, don’t wait for anyone...just ride!” I did...I rode up that mountainous hill on my own; building up the confidence that I had momentarily lost.

Along the way I passed some of our Members, one shouted, “We leave no one behind” and, as directed, I kept riding. When we were all together I looked for, who I refer to now as “My Guardian Angel,” so I could thank him…but he was nowhere around. Seemed a bit mysterious at the time but they must have turned around and gone back the way we came because there was nowhere for them to turn off. I asked my husband and others why they didn’t say anything…no one could answer me. What a memory!

On Down the Road

I look forward to many more memories…perhaps none quite as dramatic, but many more! Time spent on the road is time well spent. Anyone who rides will agree that riding isn’t necessarily about the destination, but the experiences had on the road while getting there. I thank God everyday for all my Blessings. I am Thankful for all of the Friends I have made while on the road and look forward to more miles with more Friends.

Magic Valley Riders MC - Lady Riders - Harlingen Chapter

From the left: Connie Saldivar, Dorothy Hinojosa, Glynda Hester, Patty Delnay


Connie Saldivar aka Kodak

I’m Connie Saldivar from Harlingen aka Kodak in my biker world ….My motorcycle riding fascination came spontaneously back in February 2005, while admiring a friend as he arrived on his bike at our business for the first time. Seeing how carefree he seemed and how he was enjoying his bike inspired me to ride. I turned to my husband and told him, “I want do learn how to ride”. Within 10 minutes I was learning on my own on a 100cc dirt bike that had been in storage for more than 20 years. Three days later I was riding my own brand new motorcycle on the Expressway and absolutely loving it ever since. Only those who ride can relay to the freedom felt in having absolute control while feeling the breeze. This actually felt as though I had the world in my hands.

A desire to meet and associate with other motorcycle enthusiasts is how my husband and I became involved with Magic Valley Riders M/C. We have been proud members of MVR since 2006 and are honored to be a part of such a fine organization dedicated to serving our community. As Magic Valley Riders, we have volunteered through out the years at events such as National Night Out, Church Functions, Fundraisers, Parades, and primarily at our major fundraiser Beach-N-Biker Fest.

One of my favorite and most memorable rides was when we traveled with some awesome friends to Sturgis in August 2010. Riding the Black Hills and all of the surrounding, breath taking sites was such a wonderful, unforgettable experience and a dream come true.

When I hear other women talk about how they would like to learn to ride, I tell them, “Don’t even think about it, just do it. If there is a desire, only you can make it happen.” I am always on my Harley or on my V-Star and probably ride over 12,000 miles per year just for pleasure. Some people can be so ignorant and ask “do you save money by riding your bikes?”…. I just shrug and respond, well, if you call saving money riding to Corpus just to have breakfast !! Since my retirement in February 2010 I get to enjoy my bikes even more and I do “Live to Ride”. My four grown children worry all the time, but my two older grandsons and their friends think I am the coolest grandma when I arrive at their school on my Harley.


Patty Delnay aka Rebel

I have been with Magic Valley Riders since 2008, this will be my 4th Beach-N-Biker Fest.

We joined MVR to meet new people who loved to ride as much as we did. We stay because Magic Valley Riders MC is so much more than just a Bike Club.

There comes a time in your life when you come to realize that you have more time and perhaps a little extra money and you could do more for people who need just a little help to get them through a hard time in their life. MVR gave me the opportunity to not just help people but to actually meet those people, to laugh or cry with them, to actually know where my contribution, be it time or money is going.

This is a group of wonderful people and we work very hard to be able to give back to our community and I feel so very privileged to be a part of this Club and this Event.


Sheila Allen aka Bin-Done

Sheila Allen, 44 year old happily married mother of 3, spent a lot of teenage years riding on the back of her dad’s motorcycle, hanging out at club events and fundraisers. So it was no surprise that someday she would ride her own.

In 2005 when Sheila’s husband, Troy, turned 40 and bought his first motorcycle she proudly rode behind him… for about 3 months. Then, she realized it just wasn’t the same as when she was a teenager; she had to ride her own. After taking the Rider Safety course and obtaining her motorcycle license Sheila bought her first motorcycle. A short time later a friend introduced them both to the Magic Valley Riders.


Glynda Hester - new member

I started riding, sometime back, just because it was something I always wanted to do. A life long dream.






Magic Valley Riders MC - Associates - Harlingen Chapter

From the left: Mari Valdez, Nora Garcia, Noemi Garcia, Irene Salinas, Irene Salazar, Dora Garcia

From the left starting at top: Yoli Palafox, Mari Valdez, Nora Garcia, Sheila Villarreal, Dora Garcia, Irene Salinas, Irene Salazar


Irene Salazar aka La Guera, Associate Representative

My husband, Juan, and I have been members of Magic Valley Riders for 3 years. This is also our third year of helping out with the BNB. We really enjoy it.

As an Associate Rep, I try to schedule meetings for the associates to work on whatever fundraiser or project is coming up. In September we got together and did a Bra Party and decorated bras for the Breast Cancer Fundraiser. The bras were auctioned off and the money donated. In November we got together and collected stuffed animals and made candy bags to deliver to a local headstart school.

At every meeting we raise money through our 50/50 fundraiser. And with that money we are able to buy snacks and drinks for the annual ride, or use it on what whatever fundraisers we are working on. We do help with the planning of all the get togethers we have throughout the year, including the Christmas Party, the Post BNB Party, etc. It has been a great pleasure being involved with such an organization that gives back so much to the community.


Irene Salinas aka G P S

I was born Esmeralda Irene Salinas 02/26/59, born and raised in Harlingen, TX, married 1984 to Paul Salinas (founding member) two daughters, both single, no grandchildren. Have 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

We have lived in the following places, Alamagordo, NM, Albuquerque, NM, Fitchburrg, MA, Leominster, MA Corpus Christi, TX and returned to Harlingen, TX. Currently I am working for Department of Homeland Security, Management Program Analyst, 24 years working for the Government.

A member of Magic Valley Riders since the club was formed, I assist hubby Paul Salinas with field events, poker run and any other tasks needed for the event.

Recently purchase my own bike a 2010 Sportster Low.

I enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of the Magic Valley Riders M/C members. I have enjoyed my years with Magic Valley M/C and hope to continue to be a part of such a valuable organization


Sheila Villarreal aka Gorda

I have been with Magic Valley Riders MC for five years. I have been helping out at the Beach-N-Biker Fest for the last three years. I am married to Balde. We take care of the T-shirt Sales at BNB.






Nora Garcia aka Hairdresser

My husband, Mario, and I have been members for a while now. We have four kids and eleven grandkids. We are going on 37 years of marriage. I own my own business, Nora Salon. Mario has been the Meat Market Manager with HEB for 29 years. We enjoy riding with the club and we also enjoy helping out at Beach-N-Biker Fest.






Mari Valdez

I have been an Associate since 2007. Jessie Vadez and I have been married for 11 years. We have three children, Damian, Destiny and Jessie James. I enjoy being an Associate to the club and helping out at the Beach-N-Biker Fest and other functions. I also enjoy riding with my husband.






Yoli Palafox aka Hot Stuff

I have been an Associate with Magic Valley Riders for three years. My husband is Joe. We have been helping out with the Beach-N-Biker Fest for 3 years already. I usually help out in the T-shirt sales. We enjoy being members of MVR.






Noemi Garcia aka Bling

This is my second year as an Associate Member of Magic Valley Riders. I really enjoy being a member because of all that the Club does for the local community.

We look forward to all of the Rides and Events that the Club participates in






Dora Garcia aka Doralicious

I have been a Magic Valley Rider Associate since 2011. My boyfriend, Michael Brooks, and I enjoy riding. I have helped with numerous functions and the Beach-N-Biker Fest since being a member of the club. I have two wonderful children, Aaron and Nadia.






Magic Valley Riders MC - Hidalgo Chapter



Dianna Reed aka Hollywood, President Hidalgo Chapter

Hi – my name is Dianna Reed and I am the President of Magic Valley Riders M/C – Hidalgo County Chapter. I have been riding for around 20 years. Currently, I ride a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad and I absolutely love it. For the last 3 years I have been the Entertainment Coordinator for Beach N Biker Fest.

The Hidalgo County Chapter of MVR has been very involved in Beach N Biker Fest. The monies we earn at BnB help to support our charitable endeavors in the upper valley. We have made donations to many scholarship funds and area people in need. This past Christmas we spent over $3700.00 in the upper valley to make sure needy families were able to have a wonderful Christmas. While the Hidalgo County Chapter is mostly female at this time, we are always looking for new members. Male and female!! If you like riding and helping out people in need, then just give us a call. Hope to hear from you soon.


Leti Rivera aka Vintage, Vice President Hidalgo Chapter

My name is Leti Rivera aka “Vintage”. I have been riding six years and have been with Magic Valley Riders MC Hidalgo for five years. I love to ride, but I also love to contribute to my community.

Although I’m a busy mother and grandmother, I volunteer at Beach N Biker Fest to help raise funds for our club to donate to charitable causes. This is my fifth year as chairperson of volunteers for BNB. My membership with MVR MC Hidalgo has given me the avenue to participate in worthwhile causes while doing something I enjoy.





Lynn Jones aka Spyder, Treasurer Hidalgo Chapter

HI! – My name is Lynn Jones and I am the Treasurer for Magic Valley Rider M/C – Hidalgo County Chapter. I have been riding since I was just a kid. My first bike was a 125cc dirt bike that I brought home in pieces in a crate. My mom was not thrilled when I finally got it to run. My current bike is a 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic. I have worked behind the scenes in the business /money room for BnB for the last 4 years. I don’t get out to enjoy many of the concerts and events but I enjoy helping out in any way that I can. I live in Mission where I work as a teacher.

We are hoping to grow the Hidalgo County Chapter of MVR in the coming year and want to invite all of you to consider joining us to make a difference in our Valley.





Mel Gonzalez aka Mel, Road Captain Hidalgo Chapter

Mel Gonzalez I have been riding since 2008. The first time I took off on a road trip, I was headed to Austin but had to turn back around and head to the Valley because Hurricane Dolly hit us.

At Beach-N-Biker Fest (BNB), I enjoy working in the volunteer sign-up area. As a member of Magic Valley Riders, I am proud to work on the Christmas toy ride. I also enjoy riding with the club and working hard at BNB and other activities. Giving back to our community is important.





Peggy Dennis aka Stitch

Peggy Dennis (AKA “Stitch”) I enjoy riding as a passenger on the back of my husband’s bike. BJ and I have been riding for five years. We gave up biking earlier to raise kids and now that the kids are grown, we are back at it again. I have been a Magic Valley Rider for four years. I love working at Beach-N-Biker Fest. My favorite job is transporting guests and entertainers; however, I do enjoy doing whatever job that needs to be done.







Fatima Saldana aka Your Highness

Fatima Saldana I am an Associate member of Magic Valley Riders, Hidalgo County. I have been associated for one year now. I enjoy our work at Christmas delivering toys and I really love volunteering at Beach-N-Biker Fest.






Maritza Pena

My name is Maritza Enid Pena. I’ve been riding since 1999. My first motorcycle was a Yamaha Virago and I taught myself how to ride. In 2008 I got my first Harley Davidson, which had always been a goal of mine. I got myself an 883 Sportster only to realize within a few months, that I was craving something bigger and with more power. I then upgraded to my Dyna Super Glide.

I’ve been a member of Magic Valley Riders for a year now. I’ve enjoyed the company and fellowship of the group. I have participated in last years Beach-N-Biker Fest, the Labor ride to Lake Jackson, the Thanksgiving distribution of turkeys, and toy drive to the Children’s Home, and last but not least the Toy Drive that our chapter organized. The Christmas Toy Drive was particularly heartfelt. The look on the children’s faces was priceless and it made me happy that we were able to brighten their holiday.

It has been an awesome experience being part of Magic Valley Riders and this is something I wouldn’t trade.


Hidalgo Chapter Established
May 5, 2005

If you see any of these wonderfull women, be sure to tell them how much they are appreciated!